Efficient DeckHand


Entry Requirement

1. Valid Basic STCW '95 Certificate 2. Hold a navigation watch ratings certificate, or steering certificate or proof of sufficient experience 3. Medical fitness certificate 4. Not less than 18 years of age 5. Have a minimum of 6 months sea service in vessels of more than 15m. Service in the deck department in High Speed Craft (HSC), tugs, dredgers, standby vessels, survey vessels and fishing vessels of more than 16.5m registered length is acceptable. Candidates must provide any of these means of identification such as discharge book, international passport, national identity card etc.


At the end of the training, Participants who attended the course should be able to: Know the rules of the road Understand different ship lights and their significations Know simple bends and knots Understand helms order Understand nautical languages and signs Understand the duties of a lookout Read navigation charts and compass

Course Assessment:

Assessment is continuous during the course, with a final written and oral assessment on the last day.


Cap. Odile Monday
Head of Section

I will want you to take advantage of our STCW Course and you experience the best in training.