Meet the Chairman of SMA

Dr. Rueben Ovai
The Chairman/Rector of Stars Maritime Academy

I love working with Young people and helping them to pathing their way to achieve their goals and objective. I’m the kind of person who loves to interact with new people and get to know different people. Passionate about anything I get into. I love Studying new inventions when it comes to Technology and Information. I am a Good listener.


I am Dr. Reuben Ovai, I am a Nigerian, and I am Happily married. I am an investor and a lecturer. By the grace of God, I am currently the Chairman of Stars Maritime Academy, which is located Along Itele-Ota Road Lafenwa Ado-Odo/Otta Ogun State. Nigeria. I have served with the Nigerian Navy and am a Mariner by profession. I am an educationalist with some level of experience, in maritime management and security matters, my goal is to train young ones who are ready to learn about the trade.


My Achievement are so many and are all around me

My Objective

To expose the young ones to the Maritime world.

Marine Economics

Human Resource Management


Petrolum Management