STCW Basic Mandatory


Entry Requirement

Five O'Level Credit Passes in SSCE or its Equivalent Examination. This courses is aimed at seagoing personnel in any capacity as part of the Mandatory STCW requirement.


STCW Basic Mandatory

Personal Survival Techniques

The International Maritime Organisation recommends that this course should be taken by every prospective seafarer. It covers training in personal survival techniques and is based on the provisions of table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code and derived from IMO Model Course 1.19.

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

This course is recommended for every prospective seafarer. It covers the minimum mandatory training in personal safety and social responsibility required by section A-VI/1-4 of the STCW Code. The course is based on the new IMO Model Course 1.21 and is normally taken in conjunction with our course in Personal Survival Techniques (STCW-01).

Elementary First Aid

This course provides training in elementary first aid at the support level, as required by table A-VI/1-3 of the STCW Code. It is based on the revised IMO Model Course 1.07.

Basic Firefighting

This course covers the mandatory minimum training in firefighting required by section A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code and is based on the revised IMO Model Course 1.20.

Learning Outcomes
  • 8-Hour Elementary First Aid and CPR
  • 12-Hour Personal Survival
  • 4-Hour Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • 16-Hour Basic Firefighting
  • 4-Hour ISPS Code MSA can be included in the BST package as an extra Module.


Cap. Odile Monday
Head of Section

I will want you to take advantage of our STCW Course and you experience the best in training.